Definitely slacking off here.

I don’t regret it though. My reasons for not posting are also reasons I am happy, and I enjoy being vague.


I wanted to share my new work uniform. I work at my local casino, and every few years they change the uniform (to refresh the brand? Maybe). This time around what they’ve gone with is a nice black vest with patterns on the breast and back. I like it a lot.
However, I have mixed feelings about the open collar. It’s comfortable for sure, but I have become so used to wearing a bow tie that this just feels…incomplete. It feels like I’m undressing, almost.


Holy shit, that fight scene

So today, I had the honour of being shown the amazing movie that is Kingsman: The Secret Service. I had heard of it but I had dismissed it as something I wouldn’t be interested in at all. Of course, having given it a chance I have been blown away. The movie was amazing, and of course the epitome of perfection was the fight scene which takes place in a church.

Holy shit, there is nothing better. Everything about watching Colin Firth go crazy is just…words cannot describe the joy I feel. The camera-work feels delicious, the choice of Free Bird as the soundtrack, the violence. I love it. First thing I have done tonight, is YouTube the scene and watch it another half dozen times.


I lost my Kindle

So, it’s been a few days since the last post, but I had someone awesome over that was taking up all my time. I couldn’t bring myself to write anything when I had someone to hang out with the entire time. As this is my first night to myself, hello how are you?

unspecifiedIt seems, as the title indicates, my Kindle has gone missing. I don’t know if I lost it at work or if someone has taken it, but I am now without. Today, I went to a bookstore and bought my first physical novel in ages (The Tommyknockers by Stephen King).
I love physical books, but I thought the Kindle was such a godsend of convenience with way too many advantages to ignore. I strongly suspect I’ll be putting money aside to buy a new one (Which means upgrading to one of the more recent models!). I think I owned this one for nearly 4 years, which is crazy.

Oh also I impulse bought Guitar Hero Live and let me tell you, that shit is the BOOOOOOOOOOOOOMB.

No desktop Internet!

So the adapter I’m using for WiFi on my PC appears to have shit itself, which is a tragedy. Instead I’m chilling in the lounge room watching YouTube on the TV.

Today’s crisis is my inability to decide whether or not to shave the beard, trim the beard or leave it to grow wild and unrestrained.
I just don’t know.

I have not slept and it’s deeply killing me.

I think I’ve maybe gotten 5 hours sleep in two and a half days, and I can definitely feel it.

This post isn’t about that, instead it’s about Motion City Soundtrack. In my sleep deprived brain that’s where I got the idea of putting “and it’s deeply killing me” in the blog post. Get it? Because that’s lyrics in one of their songs.

So yesterday, the band has announced that they are breaking up. On Monday we’ll apparently see a “very special final tour announcement”, which had BETTER include Australia. The statement makes it sound like they’re leaving on good terms with each other, and the future is uncertain so we could get a reunion in the future, maybe.

They remain one of my favourite bands of all time. I absolutely love their first album I Am The Movie and the follow-up Commit This To Memory, and their latest (and I guess final) album Panic Stations is something I’ve been enjoying listening to.
I got to see them live last year for the tenth anniversary of Commit This To Memory, and it was amazing. I would love one more chance to see them before they go away. I’d love to see them perform It’s A Pleasure To Meet You.

Daily photos. This probably won’t work out.

I don’t take many photos of myself. I take selfies maybe once every month or two.

Years ago, I used to use Dailybooth actively, taking daily selfies of myself using a webcam to track my life. I want to start doing that again, so as of today I have a new Instagram account where I’ll take at least one photo of myself a day, barring issues getting in the way. It will be interesting for me, since I’m slowly trying lose weight. Some visual representation of progress as I go would be pretty rad.

The first photo is a few days ago, but we all have to start somewhere, right?

If it’s ready…

So Blink-182’s new album is apparently finished. They’re done and it’s ready to ship. They’ve said in a few months they’ll release a single to precede the album.

For fucks sake guys, just release the dang thing already. It’s going to be the greatest, now Tom Delonge is replaced. I need it NOW.

Since I might miss the deadline, here’s a photo of my new tablet

12822639_1573501752976581_381372369_oAs the title says, I just realized there’s only a little under 2 hours left until the end of the “day” in which I have to post something. So, here’s a photo of my brand new tablet, which I bought to play osu! with. I’ve been really getting into it, and while mouse play has been okay, apparently tablets are the optimal peripheral for the game if I want to go past the two star difficulty.

The tablet itself is really thin, and only slightly bigger than my hand. That said, it looks  cool and seems to work pretty well. After using a mouse for so long, it’s made osu! feel a little strange to play, but it’s just a learning curve. Hopefully with this I’ll be able to beat Amore on with Hard Rock and Double Time mods active. I haven’t been able to do it with mouse yet.

As soon as I hit publish I’m probably going to jump back in game and start playing again. I’ve had to take breaks because I am feeling a lot of fatigue when playing with the pen as opposed to the mouse. I assume I’ll either get over that, or I’ll work out what I’m doing wrong and be better for it.

The choice of editing

So, I’ve reached an odd point one day after writing this post, in which I regret the contents of it. So, this brings up the question of whether or not I should edit the things I write here, or leave them as testaments of their time, no matter how cringeworthy or irrelevant they are?

Whoops, too late. This will hopefully be the only time I do this, but it had to be done. I feel silly.