I’ve started seriously collecting Adelaide Casino memorabilia.

For quite a while I’ve had a small collection of chips from Adelaide Casino. I had originally set myself a long term goal to collect at least one of each chip that the Casino has had, but obviously that is a collection that will get exponentially more expensive as I go.

Because of that, I decided to just put the collection away to deal with “later”. I had to handle it again when moving house just recently, and thought about it. My collection, courtesy of the lovely people in my life, had expanded rather passively from more than just chips. I had a few promotional badges –the sort they get staff to wear, advertising whatever competition or new game we had going– some decks of cards, and one or two pens.
In particular, I found a badge from towards the start of my tenure there, that promoted a competition we were doing around Blackjack.

27336418_1966536323673120_5794215563216905187_nGet a Blackjack with Jack Black! (IIRC This was a real quote on the promotion, or something to that effect. I need to find more, though.)

I realized that this badge was around 8 years old, and that there probably wasn’t much other evidence of this particular event ever taking place. I don’t know if the Casino actually keeps a record of all these things, or if they just throw it out the next day. Either way, I had a feeling of pride at keeping it. It served almost as an artefact of the history of Adelaide Casino. I had a renewed urge to start collecting again, but with less of an interest in collecting chips and more in collecting anything  from the Casino.

Over the weeks following, I’ve started scouring eBay for anything people might be posting for sale, and have nabbed a couple of neat things. I’ve also started asking around at work if anyone has any old badges or anything sitting in the bottom of their lockers, and have been gifted some items that have been frankly, quite incredible. I had hoped for things like coasters, pens and badges, but some things I didn’t expect at all.

I think of over the nine years I’ve worked at Adelaide Casino, and I think about the fact that I have cleaned out my locker multiple times, and thrown out things like this on several occasions. Things have changed and been rebranded multiple times, and if no-one else took a copy at the time, they are lost to time. Because of that, I’m going to be posting my findings on here with photos and scans, as a sort of personal archive of these things, so they’re not forgotten.

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