I have not slept and it’s deeply killing me.

I think I’ve maybe gotten 5 hours sleep in two and a half days, and I can definitely feel it.

This post isn’t about that, instead it’s about Motion City Soundtrack. In my sleep deprived brain that’s where I got the idea of putting “and it’s deeply killing me” in the blog post. Get it? Because that’s lyrics in one of their songs.

So yesterday, the band has announced that they are breaking up. On Monday we’ll apparently see a “very special final tour announcement”, which had BETTER include Australia. The statement makes it sound like they’re leaving on good terms with each other, and the future is uncertain so we could get a reunion in the future, maybe.

They remain one of my favourite bands of all time. I absolutely love their first album I Am The Movie and the follow-up Commit This To Memory, and their latest (and I guess final) album Panic Stations is something I’ve been enjoying listening to.
I got to see them live last year for the tenth anniversary of Commit This To Memory, and it was amazing. I would love one more chance to see them before they go away. I’d love to see them perform It’s A Pleasure To Meet You.

If it’s ready…

So Blink-182’s new album is apparently finished. They’re done and it’s ready to ship. They’ve said in a few months they’ll release a single to precede the album.

For fucks sake guys, just release the dang thing already. It’s going to be the greatest, now Tom Delonge is replaced. I need it NOW.