Holy shit, that fight scene

So today, I had the honour of being shown the amazing movie that is Kingsman: The Secret Service. I had heard of it but I had dismissed it as something I wouldn’t be interested in at all. Of course, having given it a chance I have been blown away. The movie was amazing, and of course the epitome of perfection was the fight scene which takes place in a church.

Holy shit, there is nothing better. Everything about watching Colin Firth go crazy is just…words cannot describe the joy I feel. The camera-work feels delicious, the choice of Free Bird as the soundtrack, the violence. I love it. First thing I have done tonight, is YouTube the scene and watch it another half dozen times.


I really want Doctor Who to be alluding to this.

I should say, if you’re reading this for whatever reason, spoilers ahead perhaps.

I finally got around to watching season 9, and it was pretty cool for the most part. I like the idea of the immortal “hybrid” that The Doctor made, and the guitar is cool too, given Capaldi’s history in punk rock.


Was not a fan of the “sonic sunglasses” though.

This season followed the same form as previous, with an overall theme shoved down our throats at random times. This time it was concerning a prophecy about a hybrid creature, a combination of two warrior races destined to destroy the universe. We had multiple instances of “hey look this character is technically a hybrid”, with things like the repeat half Human half Mire character, and other such things.

Eventually, the series gets to a point where it is posed that the prophecy could mean two people being together; in particular the Doctor and Clara, pushing each other to greater extremes. This seems to be where they go in the end of the season, with the Doctor nearly breaking Time itself just to save her, but I don’t like that as a solution.
People have suggested all sorts of ideas for The Hybrid all of which are possible, including River Song as she is technically half Human half Timelord.

I have my own idea.

Out of all the recurring villains of the Doctor; the Cybermen, The Master, Daleks, the Great Intelligence, none impress me as much as the idea of The Valeyard.
For those who are unfamiliar, The Valeyard is supposed to be The Doctor himself, somewhere between his twelfth and thirteenth regeneration. He is a villain in the third Doctor’s life, and an idea that torments The Doctor through various regenerations. The idea that The Doctor could become evil is an interesting one and I feel like Stephen Moffat, as bad a writer as he is considered, could be working towards introducing him again. I’ll list my reasoning below.

In series 7, The Great Intelligence states that “The Valeyard” is a name The Doctor will be known by before the end of his life. This is what I believe this is the first and possibly only reference to The Valeyard in the newer series of the show, but I don’t think it’s a mistake that the name was dropped to put it in our minds again.

Now, The Valeyard is supposed to be somewhere between The Doctor’s twelfth and thirteenth regenerations, so let’s assume that’s true. We had John Hurt’s “War Doctor” introduced as being between 8 and 9, which means that even though we are up to the Twelfth Doctor now, we are in fact on the thirteenth regeneration. So with that in mind, that would mean The Valeyard is somewhere between Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi’s Doctors. Or…


Maybe we have something completely new. We assume The Valeyard is OUR Doctor, completely forgetting we have another version, who ended up in another dimension. The “Meta-Crisis” Doctor came about at the end of Series 5 as a whole new character, sharing DNA between the companion of the time Donna and The Doctor himself.
At the end of the arch, The Meta-Crisis Doctor, who we will refer to as The Human Doctor for this rest of this,  stays in the other dimension with Rose, allowing her to have the relationship with The Doctor she wanted, even if it was this new version. The Human Doctor has many of the attributes of humans, including one heart, and the alleged inability to regenerate. His personality traits included those of anger and a “moral code” that deviates from that of the original Doctor.

So pulling back, we’re worried about a creature that is a hybrid of two warrior races, and we have a version of the Doctor running around that is half Human, half Timelord. His darker side is meant to be curbed by Rose’s love, but if she died, we’d be left with a Timelord hybrid who could be very, very angry with everything.
Just because they theorized that The Human Doctor will still age and cannot regenerate, doesn’t necessarily mean these things are true. Assuming he found a way to regenerate, that would make him a second 12th regeneration, bringing him in line with the fact that The Valeyard is between the 12th and 13th. As he possesses the same knowledge as The Doctor, he may be able to find a way out of the dimension he is effectively exiled in, back into “our” world.

Once returned and full of rage, The Human Doctor could not only assume the role of The Valeyard, but he could also fulfil the prophecy concerning The Hybrid.

The show is full of things that could seem harmless when left to it’s initial context, but seem to come around as deeper meanings when reflected on. Think the way the Ood said “Doctor Donna” in their episode with Tennant’s Doctor, and we ended up with The Human Doctor, which possessed parts of Donna in him. The Doctor even points out the connection.
In this series, in reference to The Hybrid, The Doctor states that Humans are a warrior race too. This is the first time it is stated, which sets us up for all sorts, including The Human Doctor being a valid option. He also goes to state that “The Hybrid, destined to conquer Gallifrey and stand in its ruins, is me.” When he says “me”, it could be that he is referring to himself overthrowing Rassilon which happens in the very next episode. It could also refer to Ashildr, the Human-Mire hybrid who adopted the name “Me”. More on point with this article though, he could be unknowingly referencing the fact that another version of himself is The Hybrid.

I don’t think The Doctor and Clara solution is actually The Hybrid, and I think we’ll be encountering more about it in the next series, which is slated for a whole year away, god damn it. I really want The Valeyard to be it, but we’ll just have to wait and see.


Am I reading too much into this?