Wait…what does this have to do with GTA?

So I have a gaming website I write on very rarely because I get a little lazy. I wrote an article effectively whinging about the idea of in-game cash bonuses for pre-ordering GTA V a while ago (Almost a year ago, WOW!). Anyway, I checked my unapproved comments behind the scenes just to see what spam I was getting, and I encountered this gem that that was left on the aforementioned post.

All you f*****s haitng on this kid I think it’s a pretty sweet idea I mean we can fly planes into buildings in battlefield 3.. It would be sweet to have an environment that can be destroyed. It will never happen but it would be very interesting Yes 9/11 was horrible. But so was the recent shooting in Connecticut, or any other mass murders that happen in the us you hate on this guy for posting about flying planes into buildings when you thinks its okay to shoot up hundreds of people in this game? All it is, is a fucking game you pussy bitch.. Stop complaining you fucking f*****s

So um, yeah. Stop complaining guys, you’re making him mad. Seriously though, this is so out of place I don’t understand at all.