I lost my Kindle

So, it’s been a few days since the last post, but I had someone awesome over that was taking up all my time. I couldn’t bring myself to write anything when I had someone to hang out with the entire time. As this is my first night to myself, hello how are you?

unspecifiedIt seems, as the title indicates, my Kindle has gone missing. I don’t know if I lost it at work or if someone has taken it, but I am now without. Today, I went to a bookstore and bought my first physical novel in ages (The Tommyknockers by Stephen King).
I love physical books, but I thought the Kindle was such a godsend of convenience with way too many advantages to ignore. I strongly suspect I’ll be putting money aside to buy a new one (Which means upgrading to one of the more recent models!). I think I owned this one for nearly 4 years, which is crazy.

Oh also I impulse bought Guitar Hero Live and let me tell you, that shit is the BOOOOOOOOOOOOOMB.

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