Adelaide Casino Memorabilia–The Purple $1

There are very few things I’ve come across that I want as much as this. As far as I understand, the story goes that when Adelaide Casino first introduced the metal one dollar chip, they were actually offered a choice in colour.

adelcas1 adelcas2

Gold…and purple.

Of course, the Casino ultimately opted for the gold chip (I have assumed because the Australian dollar coin is also gold), but a sample of the purple chip was still made. When the decision was made, the purple chip wasn’t needed anymore, and in the end someone got to take it home and add it to their collection.

I do not own the chip, sadly, but given it’s existence didn’t seem known until recently, I wanted to have a record of it here if not anywhere else.

Adelaide Casino Memorabilia–Carousel of Dreams Ruby Rewards Card


This is a card I stumbled across, from a promotion in 2014. Carousel of Dreams ran from 13/06/14 to 12/07/14 which saw five cars given away across five Saturdays.

COD-Promo-1The image used during the promotion, showing off the five cars as a crazed giant throws them through the air.

The promotion was spread through the whole business. The casino had various circus performances during Carousel of Dreams that featured acrobats, jugglers and dancers. The bar had exclusive cocktails made up just for the promotion (All the videos promoting them seem to be down, unfortunately), and we had multiple smaller draws and competitions following the same theme.

At the time, the lowest Rewards member level was Ruby, and since that card was red as well, it got incorporated into the promotion. New members at the time got this card as a limited exclusive collectible.

Source: Carousel of Dreams website (Internet Wayback Machine)