Jesus Christ, 7 days?!

It’s been a week. There are reasons, of course, but this is life.

I found my Kindle the other day, and have given up on reading Ulysses, as I just couldn’t understand anything in it. It seems my reading comprehension isn’t the best when it comes to older titles like that. So instead, I’ve moved on to reading George Orwell’s 1984. I’ve always heard books and movies described as “Orwellian”, such as V for Vendetta, but I only had the loosest understanding of the term. As I read the book, I’m falling in love with the story. It’s so cool, and watching the story of Winston unfold is just riveting.

I also tried cooking a bolognese sauce the other day, from scratch. For the most part it went well, but came out a bit bland in the end. Thanks to some assistance though, we fixed it and now it’s nice, rich and tomato-ey. It turned out I didn’t add enough tomato paste and wasn’t liberal enough with the garlic. It’s delicious and I’m happy.