Since I might miss the deadline, here’s a photo of my new tablet

12822639_1573501752976581_381372369_oAs the title says, I just realized there’s only a little under 2 hours left until the end of the “day” in which I have to post something. So, here’s a photo of my brand new tablet, which I bought to play osu! with. I’ve been really getting into it, and while mouse play has been okay, apparently tablets are the optimal peripheral for the game if I want to go past the two star difficulty.

The tablet itself is really thin, and only slightly bigger than my hand. That said, it looks  cool and seems to work pretty well. After using a mouse for so long, it’s made osu! feel a little strange to play, but it’s just a learning curve. Hopefully with this I’ll be able to beat Amore on with Hard Rock and Double Time mods active. I haven’t been able to do it with mouse yet.

As soon as I hit publish I’m probably going to jump back in game and start playing again. I’ve had to take breaks because I am feeling a lot of fatigue when playing with the pen as opposed to the mouse. I assume I’ll either get over that, or I’ll work out what I’m doing wrong and be better for it.