Adelaide Casino Memorabilia–Carousel of Dreams Ruby Rewards Card


This is a card I stumbled across, from a promotion in 2014. Carousel of Dreams ran from 13/06/14 to 12/07/14 which saw five cars given away across five Saturdays.

COD-Promo-1The image used during the promotion, showing off the five cars as a crazed giant throws them through the air.

The promotion was spread through the whole business. The casino had various circus performances during Carousel of Dreams that featured acrobats, jugglers and dancers. The bar had exclusive cocktails made up just for the promotion (All the videos promoting them seem to be down, unfortunately), and we had multiple smaller draws and competitions following the same theme.

At the time, the lowest Rewards member level was Ruby, and since that card was red as well, it got incorporated into the promotion. New members at the time got this card as a limited exclusive collectible.

Source: Carousel of Dreams website (Internet Wayback Machine)

I’ve started seriously collecting Adelaide Casino memorabilia.

For quite a while I’ve had a small collection of chips from Adelaide Casino. I had originally set myself a long term goal to collect at least one of each chip that the Casino has had, but obviously that is a collection that will get exponentially more expensive as I go.

Because of that, I decided to just put the collection away to deal with “later”. I had to handle it again when moving house just recently, and thought about it. My collection, courtesy of the lovely people in my life, had expanded rather passively from more than just chips. I had a few promotional badges –the sort they get staff to wear, advertising whatever competition or new game we had going– some decks of cards, and one or two pens.
In particular, I found a badge from towards the start of my tenure there, that promoted a competition we were doing around Blackjack.

27336418_1966536323673120_5794215563216905187_nGet a Blackjack with Jack Black! (IIRC This was a real quote on the promotion, or something to that effect. I need to find more, though.)

I realized that this badge was around 8 years old, and that there probably wasn’t much other evidence of this particular event ever taking place. I don’t know if the Casino actually keeps a record of all these things, or if they just throw it out the next day. Either way, I had a feeling of pride at keeping it. It served almost as an artefact of the history of Adelaide Casino. I had a renewed urge to start collecting again, but with less of an interest in collecting chips and more in collecting anything  from the Casino.

Over the weeks following, I’ve started scouring eBay for anything people might be posting for sale, and have nabbed a couple of neat things. I’ve also started asking around at work if anyone has any old badges or anything sitting in the bottom of their lockers, and have been gifted some items that have been frankly, quite incredible. I had hoped for things like coasters, pens and badges, but some things I didn’t expect at all.

I think of over the nine years I’ve worked at Adelaide Casino, and I think about the fact that I have cleaned out my locker multiple times, and thrown out things like this on several occasions. Things have changed and been rebranded multiple times, and if no-one else took a copy at the time, they are lost to time. Because of that, I’m going to be posting my findings on here with photos and scans, as a sort of personal archive of these things, so they’re not forgotten.

Plot uncertainty

So with just over a week to go before NaNoWriMo begins, and I’m suddenly doubting the plot I’ve been sitting on for months. I felt really confident in it, but as we get closer and I start actually trying to piece together the world in my head I’m left wondering if there’s enough in the idea for a whole novel.

This doubt really sucks. I’m still trying to piece it together and see if there’s a story in it, but I’m also brainstorming for additional backup ideas that might be better. Knowing me though, I’ll end up going a third route and just winging it with no plot, characters, or direction. We’ll have to see.

Deepish Sighs

When I first started this blog the plan was I’d have a place where I am forced to write my thoughts literally daily. At the time, I felt I was in a position where this would be possible, and indeed it mostly was. It was in part a writing exercise, in part an outlet for myself that wasn’t specific to gaming, and just overall something to pass time. Of course, situations never stay the same for long and I have found myself having less and less time for things like video games and sitting in front of a glowing computer screen at 2am in the morning.
Overall this isn’t a bad thing and actually something I’m pleased with. There’s a lot to do in life, and I feel genuinely good about where I am right now. Sure, there is a lot that could be better, but much of that is out of my hands.
Deep Sighs is still a place I want to maintain. I will be posting cool little things as they happen, maybe some stories I write as I’m finally pushing myself to do writing exercises again. The keywords there are ‘as they happen’ though. I don’t know if I’ll post multiple times in a day, once a week, or what have you. All I can say is, I will post.

I think I’m really happy that this blog became what it has. I had slightly more depressing plans for it initially. I wanted a blog that also served as a public journal. I have my own physical journal in which to scrawl down daily happenings and thoughts, but I wanted something digital to express thoughts feelings and opinions of a different nature. The sort that while many people may not encounter them, it felt good to write them down. The idea came about because honestly I had a big write-up about a friend, and a whole bunch of others planned around thoughts about myself and the world around me. Alongside the sorts of posts that populate this website currently, I was going to have these almost as the ‘main content’ of the website. Hell it’s called Deep Sighs for a reason, that reason actually being that I sighed a lot while writing the aforementioned write-up.
Of course, that write-up didn’t get posted here because once it was finally finished, my state of mind had shifted. It almost felt silly to publish it amongst posts about Doctor Who and short comments on Blink-182. I genuinely enjoyed making those posts, and want to keep doing them. Deep and meaningful is good, but it has to feel right.

I honestly feel fantastic and have lots I want to talk about…when I have the time.

Jesus Christ, 7 days?!

It’s been a week. There are reasons, of course, but this is life.

I found my Kindle the other day, and have given up on reading Ulysses, as I just couldn’t understand anything in it. It seems my reading comprehension isn’t the best when it comes to older titles like that. So instead, I’ve moved on to reading George Orwell’s 1984. I’ve always heard books and movies described as “Orwellian”, such as V for Vendetta, but I only had the loosest understanding of the term. As I read the book, I’m falling in love with the story. It’s so cool, and watching the story of Winston unfold is just riveting.

I also tried cooking a bolognese sauce the other day, from scratch. For the most part it went well, but came out a bit bland in the end. Thanks to some assistance though, we fixed it and now it’s nice, rich and tomato-ey. It turned out I didn’t add enough tomato paste and wasn’t liberal enough with the garlic. It’s delicious and I’m happy.

Definitely slacking off here.

I don’t regret it though. My reasons for not posting are also reasons I am happy, and I enjoy being vague.


I wanted to share my new work uniform. I work at my local casino, and every few years they change the uniform (to refresh the brand? Maybe). This time around what they’ve gone with is a nice black vest with patterns on the breast and back. I like it a lot.
However, I have mixed feelings about the open collar. It’s comfortable for sure, but I have become so used to wearing a bow tie that this just feels…incomplete. It feels like I’m undressing, almost.


Holy shit, that fight scene

So today, I had the honour of being shown the amazing movie that is Kingsman: The Secret Service. I had heard of it but I had dismissed it as something I wouldn’t be interested in at all. Of course, having given it a chance I have been blown away. The movie was amazing, and of course the epitome of perfection was the fight scene which takes place in a church.

Holy shit, there is nothing better. Everything about watching Colin Firth go crazy is just…words cannot describe the joy I feel. The camera-work feels delicious, the choice of Free Bird as the soundtrack, the violence. I love it. First thing I have done tonight, is YouTube the scene and watch it another half dozen times.